• When deploying an ERP software across multiple locations, it is essential to have a flexible framework in place. This framework should accommodate the diverse needs of each location, which could include a head office, multiple branches, warehouses, factory locations, and sales depots. The functionalities required at each location can vary significantly.

    ERP Business’s has gained recognition for successfully deploying TallyPrime in multi-location organizations, and we possess the expertise to ensure a smooth implementation.

    Based on your organization’s requirements, we can help you decide on the most suitable architecture type: centralized, decentralized, or hybrid. Whether you prefer periodic data synchronization or direct data entry into the central TallyPrime server, we will configure the system accordingly.



    Decentralised Setup

    In a decentralized architecture, Tally’s Data Synchronization capabilities ensure smooth data exchange between branches and the head office, alleviating concerns about data transfer.

    ERP Business we not only handle the initial setup of the server and client companies but also provide comprehensive post-implementation support to maintain data integrity even in complex environments. Our system includes a robust masters management feature that prevents duplication and minimizes errors.

    Security and controls are paramount to us, particularly when implementing TallyPrime at remote locations. We ensure that all necessary security measures are in place, and transaction logs are maintained to track and audit changes accurately.

    We also recognize the importance of establishing transaction workflows with verification and authorization processes. For instance, if a purchase order is generated at the factory, it is then sent to the head office for verification before being returned to the factory for vendor communication. We design these workflows to streamline operations and ensure proper checks and balances are in place.

    Centralized Setup

    The setup you described is indeed ideal, but it is primarily suitable for a 100% connected environment with a reliable leased line, MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching), or a high-quality broadband connection. This setup simplifies data management, but it necessitates a robust server at the central location to ensure optimal system performance. At ERP Business, we highly recommend installing TallyPrime Server to maintain excellent system performance and meet the demands of your organization. These server options provide the necessary power and capabilities to support efficient data processing and seamless operations.