• TallyPrime renewal or TSS (Tally Software Service) is an annual subscription offered by Tally Solutions. When you purchase a TallyPrime license, you receive a range of additional services that enhance the security, functionality, and compatibility of the software.


    For the first year after purchase, TallyPrime provides these services free of charge. However, after the initial year, fees will apply if you wish to continue using these valuable services. Although Tally will continue to operate smoothly without renewal, the services included in the TSS subscription will no longer be available.


    To ensure uninterrupted access to these services, it is necessary to renew your Tally subscription. By renewing, you can continue enjoying the enhanced features and benefits provided by TallyPrime, making your software experience more secure, resourceful, and compatible.

    On renewal, Tally software Services (TSS) provides a host of services with a validity of a year. These services include –