• Our training program contains various modules which can be picked & chosen from so that it satisfies your organizational training needs. It is designed to train your accountant, Purchase & Stores person, Sales staff & senior Managers to carry out their tasks through TallyPrime.

    This ensures an increase in productivity of your staff through improved usage of TallyPrime which includes learning basic accounting, document printing like Invoices & Purchase Orders, Inventory accounting & Management, Statutory compliance, etc.

    The training program can be expanded to encompass your Sales & Purchase division employees, providing comprehensive coverage of tasks such as Order booking, tracking, and management. The individual responsible for Electronic Data Processing (EDP) or the administrator can receive training on defining security measures and user rights, ensuring proper data backup and management, as well as establishing a list of guidelines for seamless Tally operations, including essential do’s and don’ts. Additionally, the Tally training program can incorporate instruction on lesser-known yet powerful features like Remote Edit Access, Control Centre, Support Centre, Integration in TallyPrime as well as guidance on the VAT, Withholding etc. among others.